David Cranford, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

1800 Town Center Drive, Suite 420, Reston VA 20190

Phone: 240-303-2141    Fax: 703-662-0544    Email: david@davidcranford.net

Let's Get Started

Complete Registration Forms 

After you contact me and an appointment is scheduled, please go to the Required Forms link and complete the therapy registration and informed consent forms. This will establish an electronic health record which will keep your personal information safe and secure. There will be no need to complete paper forms upon your first visit to my office. You can also access the forms here on my website, print them out, fill them in, and bring them with you if you prefer.  I will then upload them to your electronic health record for safe keeping.

When You Arrive 

I make efforts to remain on schedule so please have a seat in the waiting area and I will come and get you at your session time

When We First Meet

The first session is often a time to gather lots of information and figure out a game plan.  We will discuss your reason(s) for seeking therapy and how we might approach the therapy process.  I encourage you to ask questions.  You will want to see if we are a good fit and if you could benefit from psychotherapy with me.  I too will be considering if we are well suited to work together and what treatment approach would be most effective.

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